Club Carlson Credit Card Calls About Retention Offer

Club Carlson Credit Card
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A week back I wrote about possibly getting a Club Carlson credit card retention offer.

I had called about the card’s annual fee which the rep wasn’t able to waive. However, she told me that a request could be made to see if there were any offers available. I decided to pay the fee and see what offers might possibly come up.

However, I wasn’t confident that I’d actually hear back from a manager.

Last night after getting home from Travel Massive, I was surprised to have a message from a Club Carlson credit card rep. I was so surprised that it took a minute to remember why they’d possibly be calling me!

Well it turned out that they were calling to actually follow-up on my request for a retention offer.

Here is what I was told during my call.

While I was told during the voicemail that any supervisor could help me, the rep that answered my call looked over the notes and said that I received full compensation which included points and an e-certificate. He also let me know that if I closed my account I would get a full refund of the $75 fee I had paid.

I was then transferred to a supervisor.

I went through pretty much the same conversation with the supervisor and got the same bad news- I had received full compensation and no other compensation was currently available.

I then mentioned my concerns about the card with the loss of the second night free benefit. When he mentioned the 40K  renewal points and I mentioned how the award night rates of many properties had gone up, making these points less valuable. The supervisor said that he had no idea that the rates had gone up!

He then mentioned that the renewal point amount was not going up and if the fee alone wasn’t worth the points, then maybe this wasn’t the best credit card for me anymore!

The only other thing mentioned was that if I spend $10,000 on the card in a year, I could earn a free night e-certificate. Only one certificate could be earned this way each year.

I asked if he knew if an e-certificate would be offered again next year and he was pretty sure that this benefit was a one time deal.

I decided to keep my card for one more year. I’m curious to see if anything else will be done to enhance the value of the Club Carlson credit card in the future.

4 thoughts on “Club Carlson Credit Card Calls About Retention Offer

  1. Faisal- Awesome and glad to hear that Club Carlson helped you out!

    Jules- That stinks that you missed out on the free night e-certs.

    leviathon- I’m all for trying to get the points & miles we are owed. However, if you didn’t complete the min. spend by the required date, I can’t see what case you really have. Maybe call and ask if there is anything you can do although I can’t see that working…

  2. Club Carlson didn’t award me points for signup bonus bc i hit min spend on my wife’s AU card nd not my card. Ive argued my case with no success. Any suggestions?

  3. I called yesterday asking about the same thing. A supervisor called me this morning and said the free night cert. promo ended on 10/31. She offered me 7,500 points each for both my accounts to keep open. First time being offered any points.

  4. They are very good at returning calls within 7 days, I never got the e-certificate, I called and inquired and they offered it to me, then the deal of 30,000 points for a stay by sep first was never credited to me, I called and that issue was rectified. Then I received a email asking for my participation in a survey, if selected I’d get 60000 points, I was selected and will have my survey done tomorrow

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