Buy From Airport Best Buy Kiosk At Cheaper Store Prices

Best Buy Kiosk
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While I’ve never bought or considered buying electronics at the airport from a Best Buy vending machine, I’ve given them a look and often wondered “who buys from these things?!”

The Best Buy Express machines charge a premium for the convenience of shopping last-minute at the airport.

What if you could avoid the higher prices. Would you consider shopping at a Best Buy Express then?

I came across an article from Frommer’s which shares some great information related to these electronics vending machines.

Imagine being able to get electronics at the airport just before your trip but at no additional cost than had you bought it at a regular store. Frommer’s says that it’s possible!

Frommer’s points out the fact that Best Buy doesn’t hide the fact that the vending machines are pricier than stores but you can change this.

The vending machine purchases offer Best Buy’s price match guarantee.

According to Frommer’s, “You can take the expensive headphones to any Best Buy location within the normal refund-and-exchange period and if the same item is sold for less there, it will refund you the difference“.

So buy the item you want at the airport from a Best Buy machine and just make sure to bring it in to a store location to get a refund of the price difference. Fair enough!

There is one more interesting tip shared in the article. You can also price match your airport vending machine purchase to Best Buy competitors. If you find the same item at a better price on Amazon or from other shops, Best Buy stores will match it when you show your receipt and the webpage with the lesser price.

While this is great new if you forget a favorite electronics item, I still don’t see shopping at one of these vending machines. However, if you do, you can end up getting a fair price rather than getting ripped off.

Have you used a Best Buy airport vending machine? If not, would you now consider making a purchase from one?

Find out more from Frommer’s here.

5 thoughts on “Buy From Airport Best Buy Kiosk At Cheaper Store Prices

  1. Glenn- Any idea how much pricier it was to purchase them from the kiosk?

    askmrlee- Good plan!

    Avi- Interesting. I’ve glanced at them but never given them any real look or considered a purchase. If what you say is correct then I wonder what info Frommer’s is using for the pricing.

    1. Yeah I’ve been eyeing the kiosks from afar and wondering how many schmucks haven’t discovered Amazon yet. Until I was running late for a flight and pricing was the same as in store. So I figured what the hell.

  2. I would now, but the kicker here is to get the lower price you have to go in person to a Best Buy retail store, since the Express Kiosk is considered a physical store location and subject to the retail store policies.

    Depending on the difference and the time/effort/hassle of doing the price match, I would now consider using the machines.

  3. Once. Young daughter’s headphones stopped working on a trip. Bought a new set at a Best Buy vending machine at the hotel. Worth it.

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