Woman Choked, Flight Returns, Comedian Mark Curry Helps

Mark Curry
image: wikimedia commons

A Southwest Airlines flight on the way to San Francisco had to return to Los Angeles soon after takeoff due to a fight between passengers.

A woman claimed that a man grabber her neck, choked and hit her in the head, according to the AP.

A celebrity, whose name I haven’t heard mentioned in many years helped out to restrain the man.

The star of 90’s sitcom Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Mark Curry woke up from a nap due to the noise and thought there might be a terrorist onboard.

According to the AP, Curry told KNTV-TV, “They wanted me to put restraints on the guy. They asked me if I would help. I said, ‘At 30,000 feet, yes! I’ll beat anybody down.’ It was an incredible situation.

There was no mention of what led to the fight in the AP article but according to NBC, “woman aboard the plane allegedly claimed a man tried to choke her because of a reclined seat back“.

FBI agents met the plane at the gate and the passenger was taken off the flight and detained for questioning but no arrest was made as of yet. The situation was still being investigated.

The flight which originally took off at 9:50 pm returned to LAX around an hour later. The passengers switched planes and departed again at 12:20 am minus the man involved in the fight.

Find out more from the AP here.

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