Ridiculous Street Signs #20: In Oman, For Payphone Fault, Please Call…

OmanDuring our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States I was hoping to come across one or two ridiculous street signs.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve found strange signs harder to come by. They can be found at any time and just about anywhere but you can’t just make them appear or set out to find them.

While visiting the Sultanate of Oman, I came across what I found to be a strange message in an odd place. 

After visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bahla Fort we drove over to Jabreen Castle.


I parked our rental car in the empty parking lot and wandered over to a payphone while Kim was taking Lucas out of the car. I’m not sure why I was even looking at the phone since it wasn’t like I had calls to make…

And then I noticed a rather odd message on the phone.


Can you see the message above the phone? It’s kind of hard to see, so here’s a closer look:


The message on the phone stated:

For Payphone Fault Please Call (1307)

I don’t know nor did I try but maybe dialing 1307 is like dialing the operator by dialing 0 in the US. However, it still read to me like an odd but funny message.

The way I was interpreting the message was, if the payphone is broken, please call…

What do you think?

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