Trip Planning: $249.30 + 158,250 Miles & Points= Trip for 3 to Grenada

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At the end of May one of the best credit card hotel perks came to an end.

When it was announced that the Club Carlson’s 2nd night free benefit was ending, many of us were in a mad dash- to try to spend our points the best way possible to take advantage before the benefit ended.

I initially redeemed 304,000 points on a variety of future trips. I then used an additional 176,000 points on three additional stays.

Due to the Club Carlson benefit ending, I booked us on a trip to Grenada which I otherwise, may have not done.

We just got back from Grenada and had a great time. Our only real complaint would be wishing we had an additional day or 2 to enjoy and explore more of the island!

Our trip was a quick one. Due to an overly long day of flying (each way), we only had two full days on Grenada. However, we got to do quite a bit and get a good feel for the island and the people.

I wrote about reaching travel milestones recently and this trip allowed me to reach another. Grenada became my 70th UN Member State visited! (I don’t count Kosovo and the Vatican although some do.)

If it wasn’t for miles & points, odds are pretty high that we wouldn’t have made this trip since it would’ve been a bit too pricey to pay for such a quick visit.

Here is what we booked:

Accommodations: We booked two 2-night stays at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort although we only used 3 of the nights.

  • Cost: 44,000 points per night. (If we were paying, the hotel would’ve cost $181.90 per night, $200.09 with tax). Total cost= 88,000 Club Carlson Gold Points.

Airfare: We booked our flights using American Airlines AAdvantage miles. Award availability was easy to find but the flights weren’t the best times, wasting a day each way.

  • Cost: 25,000 miles each= 75,000 miles – 4,750 credit card award redemption bonus. Total cost- 70,250 miles + tax of $83.10 each= $249.30.

Total Trip Cost: $249.30 + 158,250 miles & points.

Overall, this was an affordable quick getaway thanks to the power of miles and points. I’d definitely recommend a visit to Grenada, the spice island!

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