What’s Better: Donald Trump’s Plane or Air Force One?

Donald Trump Plane

It sure would be nice to own a private plane. It could definitely make things much easier when we wanted to just pick up and go somewhere.

Many rich and famous people have their own private plane (or even planes). Find out about some in the post Private Jets of the Rich & Famous here. There is also a plane known as the nicest plane ever, which you can find out about here.

In the post about Private Jets of the Rich, a plane owned by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is mentioned. The plane, a Boeing 757 cost a whopping $95,800,000.

Could Donald Trump’s plane be better than the flying command center of the U.S. presidency, Air Force One?

The Washington Post took a look to see who had the better plane and even went so far as to call Trump’s plane Trump Force One. Catchy!

Trump bought his plane from Paul Allen and then did some work on it adding lots of gold plating!

Let’s see the comparisons:

  1. Size: Winner- Air Force One- The WaPo mentions that Air Force One is a modified Boeing 747-200 which is larger than Trump’s Boeing 757-200 being wider, longer and taller.
  2. Speed and Range: Winner- Air Force One- The article has a chart comparing the speed & range of both planes. Top Speed– AF1 0.92 Mach, Trump 0.86 Mach, Cruising Speed– AF1 0.84 Mach, Trump 0.80 Mach, Range– AF1 6,800 nm, Trump 4,100 nm. Based on the numbers, Air Force One wins in all comparisons.
  3. Fanciness: Winner- Trump Force One- Both planes have a conference room, Trump has a movie theater. AF1 gets polished by hand before every flight, has a flying hospital and a press seating area along with other things needed to accompany the president. The seatbelts and many other things on Trump Force One are 24K gold plated, a bedroom with gold silk on the walls, masterbath with a shower & 24K gold plated sink

The Verdict: The winner according to the Washington Post is…. Donald Trump

It looks like 24K gold plating and multiple onboard theaters take the prize. After watching a video tour of each plane in the WaPo’s article I don’t disagree but either plane would be amazing  to get to fly on as your personal ride!

Find out more from the Washington Post here.

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