Official Airline of the New England Patriots

New England Patriots

New England Patriots

There have been so many stories related to the New England Patriots and cheating.  From deflating balls to stealing calls,  I really can’t keep up. (Check out an ESPN article about it here.) I’m also not as big of a football fan these days…

Here is some travel-related news involving the New England Patriots which doesn’t have to do with cheating. 

Back in February I wrote about American Airlines being the official airline of two sports teams, MLB’s Chicago Cubs and the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers.

It’s just been announced that JetBlue is the official airline partner of the New England Patriots and Gillette Stadium.

The new deal is a five-year sponsorship for the largest airline in Boston, JetBlue.

The JetBlue- Patriots partnership will give fans special bonuses from their local airports. According to the press release, “Throughout the 2015 NFL regular season, customers wearing official New England Patriots jerseys on game days will be offered early boarding when flying out of JetBlue’s nine New England cities* (Boston, Mass., Burlington, Vt., Hartford, Conn., Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., Nantucket, Mass., Portland, Maine, Providence, R.I., and Worcester, Mass.)

There will also be other promos between the airline and team like online advertising, e-mail marketing, contests, giveaways and a new digital board on an end zone scoreboard at Gillette Stadium.

While JetBlue might be Boston’s biggest airline, I’m a bit confused by this partnership. I’ve always thought of JetBlue as New York’s Hometown Airline so why isn’t there a deal with the Jets/ Giants and their stadium or maybe there is?

I do recall a JetBlue New York Jets plane in the past and when I Googled it, I found out that it was from 2010. The article also mentioned how JetBlue was the Jets official airline at the time.

New England Patriots

I looked over a tab of JetBlue’s planes at and it showed a tailfin design of the NY Jets- JetGreen. It stated that they are the proud official airline of the NY Jets.

Could JetBlue be the official airline of the NY Jets and New England Patriots?

Find out more about the new JetBlue – New England Patriots partnership here.

4 thoughts on “Official Airline of the New England Patriots

  1. Hey Narrator,

    Why don’t you add “they stole the last two Superbowls too” , if youre going to be accurate with their thievery. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  2. I always find it funny when a team has an “official airline”, but uses a different airline for actually traveling. The Patriots do not fly B6, they fly DL. 🙂

  3. I see a co-branded gameday giveaway in the near future. JetBlue oxygen masks at all home games in case of rapid depressurization.

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