Anyone Receive This Message from Wyndham Credit Card?

Wyndham Credit Card

After applying and getting approved for the Wyndham credit card from Barclays in March, I earned the bonus and put it away in a drawer.

Then over the summer I received an offer where I could earn 10,000 bonus points for using my Wyndham credit card, spending $250 or more from August – October.

I decided to go for the bonus, charging a little over $250 in the months of August and September so far.

A few days back I received another e-mail from the Wyndham card.

It turns out that my card is being reissued due to security reasons.

According to the message: “The security of your Wyndham Rewards Visa Card may have been compromised as a result of a recent data breach at a merchant location. We’re taking action now to help protect your account“.

A new card with a new account number is being sent to me and I was told to keep using my current card until the new one arrives. (The card has $0 fraud liability protection so any unauthorized charges which are reported to the bank are ones I will not be responsible for.)

This made me wonder if other people were receiving this message?

The e-mail mentioned a data breach at a merchant location but I’ve only used my card once in each of the past two months to pay a bill online. Could this be the source of the data breach? I somehow doubt it and assume the breach could’ve been on a larger scale and Barclaycard is changing account numbers as a precaution for all card members?

I figured the best way to find out was by asking others if they received an e-mail about having their Wyndham card reissued.

Have any of you received this message too? Let us know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Anyone Receive This Message from Wyndham Credit Card?

  1. I did not get a message about a data breach but I did have some fraudulent activity on my card and had to be issued a new card back in August.

  2. My offer was for 10k after $750 spend for 3 months :(. I have not received a notice about a data breach or a new card.

  3. Tom- Interesting. Good thing it was caught…

    fivegirls- I have to spend $250 per month for August-September-October, was yours just a lump sum of $750?

    DaninMCI- If only I’ve stayed at a Days Inn recently!

    Carl P- Thanks for letting us know.

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