NYC’s Tallest Observation Deck Coming to Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

A few months back I wrote about Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer Opening A Food Hall in NYC at the upcoming Hudson Yards project.

Hudson Yards is currently under construction and will transform the area into a whole new neighborhood featuring office space, condos, a hotel, shopping, impressive dining options and a public space & park.

Hudson Yards will also take the title for New York City’s tallest observation deck!

According to Gothamist, “The open-air deck will be situated 1,100-feet above the ground, making it higher than the Empire State Building’s observation deck by 50 feet“.

Based on an image of the deck, it looks pretty impressive and reminds me in some ways of the Grand Canyon Skywalk due to how it appears to hangs from the side of the building. (However, I cant imagine the views being nearly as impressive as the Skywalk. My brother and I visited the Skywalk back in 2010 and it was pretty awesome.)

Hudson Yards
image from Gothamist

The article mentions that the deck will offer 360 degree views and “stretch more than 5,000 square feet“.

While the deck is supposed to get “several million visitors annually”, it won’t be opening for a while. It’s slated to open in 2019.

I’m just wondering if a run to the top of the Hudson Yards Observation Deck will become an event to look forward to. I ran up the Empire State Building in 2013 and think it would be cool (exhausting) to run up to the top of this new observation deck too!

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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