Retention? I Closed My Last Citi AA Executive Card

Citi AA Executive Card

Back in March I wrote about a Citi AA Executive Card retention offer.

The offer really wasn’t much of an offer. I could keep my card open and spend $1,000 or more in a month and get 1,000 bonus miles for 16 billing cycles or I could downgrade my card to another Citi AA product.

The decision was easy to close my card due to the pricey $450 annual fee.

Well the fee came up for my third and final Citi AA Executive card and like the previous two, I expected to close my account. Regardless of this, I still felt it wouldn’t hurt to call and ask about a retention offer.

I called in to the phone # on the back of my card. When I mentioned that I wanted to close my account, I was immediately transferred to an account specialist.

Once the rep picked up, I explained that I wanted to close my card. I was then asked why and she totally understood when I mentioned how the fee was quite pricey and not something I was willing to pay.

The rep said that Citi does not waive fees on this card but there was an offer to keep my account open.

I couldn’t imagine it being worth $450 but I figured I’d listen to what she had to say but I wasn’t interested or impressed. I was offered the usual spend $1,000 in a month, get 1,000 bonus AAdvantage miles for 16 billing cycles.

I turned down this offer and was surprised that it wasnt’t suggested that I switch my card to a product with no annual fee.

Just before the call ended, I received a friendly reminder. The rep mentioned that I’ve had Citi AA credit cards many times in the past and said that I can’t get the sign-up bonus again for 18 months.

I was also reminded to keep an eye on my account so I don’t lose my miles. Thanks, I think I got that covered!

So with that call went the closure of my last Citi AA Executive card.

4 thoughts on “Retention? I Closed My Last Citi AA Executive Card

  1. Spgguy- Interesting. Haven’t heard of this kind of offer before. That’s a lot of $$$ to spend to get the fee waived. Are you considering it or did you cancel?

  2. FYI – I recently called in to cancel my AA exec card and was transferred to a rep and he offered me to get a $450 statement credit if I spent $5K per month for each of the next 3 months.

  3. Christian- I was offered to do so when I cancelled one of my other Citi AA Exec cards but not this time around. I personally never switch to another card. If I get a new card, I want a signup bonus!

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