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Since OpenTable rolled out a payment feature within the app, they’ve tried to entice us to try it out by offering free money towards a dine. Well they’re doing it again, just offering a bit less free money this time around…

When you pay through theĀ OpenTable app, you first make a reservation at a participating restaurant. When you’re ready to order, let the waiter know that you’d like to pay through the app and you should be able to see your bill in real-time.Ā 

The best part of this is no more waiting for the waiter to bring you the check. Just complete the transaction through OpenTable and be on your way whenever you’re ready!

The Pay with OpenTable option sounds great in theory but I had a lot of headaches with it the two times I tried using it. Find out about one of my experiences here.

I received a new offer a couple of days back for $10 off at a restaurant which accepts OpenTable mobile payments. I won’t be taking OpenTable up on their offer this time around, but I figured some of you might be interested.

While reading the offer, I immediately noticed that new language was added as to how to use the payment feature. (You’ll see it in bullet #1.) And like I expected when I was having issues with the pay feature, it is probably why I couldn’t pay or see my bill through the app.

Here is how you can use Pay with OpenTable to save $10:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of our app” (iOS 7 or iOS 8 required. Android 4.3 and up required.) It’s about time they identified this as necessary for using the payment feature!
  2. Open the app and go to profile
  3. Tap settings, then payment settings
  4. Enter Promo Code: dateweek

Once you follow these steps, $10 will be taken off your bill when dining between now and August 9 at a restaurant which accepts OpenTable mobile payments.

When looking over the terms I noticed another interesting bit of info. This offer is only good for first time mobile payment users only.

So if you’ve already used OpenTable’s payment feature you won’t be able to get $10 off your bill. I guess I should be glad I was able to get credited two times!

Have you tried using Pay with OpenTable? If so, how was the experience?

Find out more about Pay with OpenTable here.

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