Uber Driver Accused of Rape

image: Gothamist- (Union County Prosecutor’s Office)

Gothamist reports that an Uber driver was accused of raping a woman in New Jersey last weekend.

The driver, 25 year old Efren Madrigal drove the woman and her friend to her apartment and was invited upstairs. They chatted a bit and played cards. The alleged raped happened soon after.

Madrigal was new to Uber, having only started three days before this situation took place.

An Uber spokesperson told NJ.com that the driver “was removed from the platform as soon as we were made aware of the allegations“.

Madrigal was arrested a few days after the attack and multiple charges were brought against him.

Find out more details from Gothamist here.

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6 thoughts on “Uber Driver Accused of Rape

  1. Gary- True but I’d still be curious to hear how they screen potential drivers. And when it comes to this alleged accusation, the Uber driver met the girl while driving for Uber which would make it an Uber- related story although the alleged crime did not happen in the car/ during the ride.

    Shay- That could very well be the case.

    Nick- Could definitely be what happened. If the driver did have any charges against him before (no clue if he did/ didn’t) why would it not come up in a background check?

  2. @Gary,

    What does this have to do with Uber background checks? its not going to turn up “rape” in his background check before. The guy picked up girls, they invited him over. The guy probably made a move and there you go. Unfortunately there is always harm in life. Wherever we go bad things can happen. We all live knowing that.

  3. Gary- I’d like to agree but it makes me wonder what kind of background check Uber does on drivers which are part of the platform. On the other hand, some details of the story could definitely be missing.

    1. It would be a concern if the accused here has a criminal record and was driving for Uber, that would suggest an issue with background checks.

      Background checks do not preclude accusations of criminal activity on a go-forward basis.

      And Uber doesn’t market that their background checks make it safe to invite drivers in after a ride. I don’t think anyone claims fitness for that particular purpose. Again, nothing is alleged to have happened during the ride or in the vehicle.

  4. The Uber piece of this hardly seems relevant.

    In no way to diminish the seriousness of the allegations, the story is “Random guy two women just met and invited upstairs accused of rape.”

    It’s not like the driver took the passenger somewhere other than where they wanted to go and forced himself on her in the vehicle/while working for Uber. For all intents and purposes the Uber piece stopped being relevant once he completed his trip and was invited upstairs.

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