10 Best Inflight Wine Programs

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While I am not a fan of wine I’m sure that many of you enjoy a glass or two both at home and during a flight.

My knowledge of wine more or less consists of red or white. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Merlot, Malbec (one of Kim’s favorites), Riesling or Pinot nor do I really have much interest in finding out!

However, I came across an article from Wine Enthusiast which might be of interest to you flying wine lovers out there…

Wine Enthusiast has a slideshow with The 10 Best Inflight Wine Programs.

The article mentions how these airlines have “thoughtfully curated lists designed by Masters of Wine“. Wow, sounds so serious and fancy… It also says that these wines won’t be cheap so you better be ready to splurge…

Here are the Top 10:

  • Cathay Pacific– The wine selections might feature selections from regions covered on the flight. The wine list also changes with premium promotions.
  • Etihad Airways– The wine list  highlights Old World & New World selections representing the top vineyards from 25 countries.
  • Qatar Airlines– Many of the cabin crew offer sommelier-level knowledge. The first class list features 12 countries, with “the menu refreshed every three months so frequent fliers don’t get bored“.
  • LAN Airlines– The wine list is curated by South America’s only master sommelier. 36 wines are chosen “to be served on different legs of LAN & TAM flights“.
  • Singapore Airlines– Wines are chosen for the airline by three acclaimed wine consultants. Some of the world’s most sought after bottles are offered onboard.
  • ANA– The wine list went from 2,400 bottles to 300 by taking their time with a six month process with the help of a “40 person tasting panel composed of novices, cabin crew members and certified sommeliers, including senior sommelier Katsushito Inoue and Ned Goodwin, MW“.
  • SWISS– First Class passengers can enjoy the “Taste of Switzerland” created by top chefs, featuring a multi-course meal which can be paired with 8 fine wines.
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways– In the upper-classes the wine options change quarterly. They can also participate in in-flight wine tastings at the Upper Class Bar. Now that sounds pretty cool!
  • Qantas– Cabin crew has formal wine training and the inflight list has over 250 selections. “Selections are chosen by a group of acclaimed wine makers and industry leaders“.
  • British Airways– The wine menu highlights “the world’s most iconic regions“. Not just wines are the focus. You can also enjoy afternoon tea!

I’m sure many of you noticed that no U.S. airline made this list. Since I don’t know much at all about wine, which U.S. airline would you say has the best wine options?

Find out more about Wine Enthusiasts 10 Best Inflight Wine Programs here.

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