Updates to Southwest’s Reusable Car Seat/ Stroller Bag

Southwest Airlines
The new bag

Back in early 2014 I wrote about Southwest Airlines selling a reusable car seat/ stroller bag.

At just $15, the stroller bag seemed like a bargain. While looking up car seat and stroller bags on Amazon, I saw that many bags did sell in a price range of $12-$25 give or take. You could also just use a laundry bag for your car seat which could be bought for just a couple of dollars.

What I like about the Southwest bag is the airline branding and color on it as well as the durable material it’s made from.

Southwest Airlines
The Original Bag

Another key element to the bag is its size. The bag is huge, almost feeling like a bottomless pit. While I can only vouch for our car seat and stroller, my guess is that the Southwest bag is pretty much a universal item. Will it fit those massive two-piece strollers, possibly, but I haven’t tried.

Nuts About Southwest say the bags “can fit a standard-sized stroller, car seat, and booster seat“.

The bags have also been quite popular, with over 60,000 sold since its debut in 2013.

I just came across a post from the blog Nuts About Southwest about an update to the car seat/ stroller bag. 

The bag still sells for just $15 and is available for purchase at the Southwest check-in counter.

Some Updates:

The bags were updated to be more durable and stronger. Yes, they’re still water-resistant which is nice. According to Nuts About Southwest, they also “have a better zipper pull“. We didn’t really use our bag so I don’t know if there were issues with the zipper or not.

The biggest change according to the picture that I saw was the newer Southwest Airlines logo! I kind of like the old-school look featured on our bag with the stenciled airplane on it but this new bag does look pretty nice. (My bag looks a bit different from the one in the photo above.)

When you travel with a stroller and/ or car seat do you place them in a bag or just check them as-is? We used to place our car seat in a laundry bag but now don’t bother anymore. During our first couple of times flying with a stroller, we placed it in a bag which was a major hassle. Now we just collapse it and send it on its way…

Find out more from Nuts About Southwest here.

(Images in post from Nuts About Southwest.)

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