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I love coming across lists of best burgers to get ideas of new places to try out while at home and visiting new places around the US.

Back in April, I wrote about 21 Must Eat & Best Burgers in America. From this list, I’ve now tried out burgers at 8 of them. Last summer I wrote about Yahoo’s picks for top burgers in America. From this list I’ve been to 3 of the 10 places listed.

In early June, The Daily Meal sent me an e-mail with their slideshow featuring The 101 Best Burgers In America.

I was definitely excited to see what made the cut. (FYI- The Daily Meal has been ranking burgers since 2013.)

They do a lot of research to come up with their picks. The Daily Meal “compiled a survey that was taken by a panel of 70 noted writers, journalists, bloggers, and other culinary authorities from across the country, among them Hamburger America author George Motz, along with the knowledgeable Daily Meal staff, City Editors, and contributors“.

On this list of 101 burgers, chains like Shake Shack and In N Out are not included.

Not only did The Daily Meal mention which places serve the best burgers, they also added which burger to order at each restaurant.

I was curious to see which places made the list, along with how many I’ve been to. Rather than include all 101 of The Daily Meal’s picks, I only included the places that I’ve been to. At a few of these places, I didn’t have the exact burger recommended by TDM.

Here are the one’s I’ve tried:

  • #1 Minetta Tavern– NYC- Black Label Burger
  • #3 The Spotted Pig– NYC- Chargrilled Burger
  • #4 The Varsity– Atlanta, GA- Double Chili Cheeseburger
  • #5 Kuma’s Corner– Chicago, IL- Kuma Burger
  • #8 Corner Bistro– NYC- Bistro Burger
  • #9 Peter Luger– Brooklyn, NY- Luger Burger
  • #10 Holeman & Finch Public House– Atlanta, GA- Double Cheeseburger
  • #11 Prime Meats– Brooklyn, NY- The Prime Meats Burger
  • #14- P.J. Clarke’s– NYC- The Cadillac
  • #16 Husk– Charleston, SC- Cheeseburger
  • #20 Burger & Barrel– NYC- Bash Style
  • #25 Grill ‘Em All– Los Angeles, CA- FTW*
  • #26 PYT– Philadelphia, PA- PYT Burger
  • #27 Matt’s Bar– Minneapolis, MN- Jucy Lucy
  • #29 Burger Bar– Las Vegas- Build Your Own Burger
  • #35 Louis Lunch– New Haven, CT- The Original Burger
  • #38 Emily– Brooklyn, NY- Emmy Burger
  • #45 Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink– Miami- Black Angus Burger
  • #49 DuMont Burger– Brooklyn, NY- The DuMont Burger
  • #52 Winstead’s– Kansas City, MO- Double Winstead
  • #55 Solly’s Grille-Milwaukee, WI- Original Solly Burger
  • #43 Burger Joint– NYC- Cheeseburger
  • #65 The Le Tub Saloon– Hollywood, FL- Sirloin Burger
  • #66 Motor & Maple– Dallas, TX- Cheeseburger
  • #73- Ted’s– Meriden, CT- Steamed Cheeseburger
  • #82 Fat Mo’s– Nashville, TN- Fat Mo’s Burger
  • #83 White Manna– Hackensack, NJ- Sliders
  • #94 Paul’s Da Burger Joint– NYC- Cheeseburger
  • #95 Fritzl’s Lunchbox– Brooklyn, NY- Cheeseburger
  • #101 Keller’s Drive-In– Dallas, TX, Double Meat Special

(*I tried Grill ‘Em All a couple of times when they did kitchen takeovers at places around NYC a few years back.)

From The Daily Meal’s 101 picks for best burgers in America I’ve had a burger at 30 of them! That’s a lot of tasty burgers!

While looking over the places I’ve been to, a few of them were not favorites of mine. I couldn’t stand all of the butter on the burger at Solly’s Grille. I also recall not being overly impressed by the burgers at Paul’s Da Burger Joint. On July 4, during a layoever in Miamia, we weren’t impressed by the burger at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.

If I were to mention which of the others were favorites, I’d probably be listing just about all of them. If I had to pick three from the list above, I’d go with Peter Luger, Holeman & Finch and Husk.

If I could add one burger to this list, I’d add one from Tulsa which was just amazing. If you happen to find yourself in Tulsa, you need to go to the Linda-Mar Drive In.

Check out the full slideshow from The Daily Meal here.

Let us know how many you’ve been to and if you have a favorite or even one which didn’t make this list.

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