Drunk Passenger Beaten, Restrained On Siberian Airlines Flight

Siberian Airlines
screen shot: youtube video

There’s been lots of stories of passengers bahaving badly in flight but this new story (and video) might just take the top prize…

I recently wrote about a man being fined $400 for an inflight reclining seat fight. You might recall an inflight fight over a crying baby. I know that I wouldn’t mess with that mom! How about the time a JetBlue flight was turned around due to an unruly dad! Or when two drunken women forced a plane to turnaround.

One of the craziest stories has to be of pilots fighting in the cockpit before a flight

Imagine one passenger being so drunk and “rowdy” that he got beaten up and restrained with seat belts by fellow passengers.

Well that’s what happened earlier in the week on a Siberian Airlines flight from Hong Kong that was on its way to Vladivostok, Russia.

According to the Daily News, “the unidentified man got sloshed and started threatening and insulting the flight attendants and other passengers”. (The info is based on reports from RIA Vostok Media.)

A short Youtube video shows the drunk standing in the aisle (possibly yelling). There is a lot of noise in the video… Then we see another passenger heading for the drunk, throwing a punch at him before grabbing a hold of the man. Other passengers step in and are also seen punching the man and even stomping on him.

Check out the video:

He was then restrained for the rest of the flight with seatbelts and tape. In a photo on Vostok Media, you can see the drunk actually tied in the aisle with his arms taped to the armrest and legs taped to the lower part of a seat.

The man was arrested by local police once the plane landed.

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  1. This is awesome. If every unruly passenger was treated as such we wouldn’t have as many to talk about.

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