All-Inclusive Colorado Pot Resort Opening July 1

Colorado pot
image: CannaCamp

When the recreational sale of marijuana became legal in Colorado, stores selling pot were bound to become a popular attraction for locals and tourists.

Besides stores selling pot, what other ways could the now legal drug become more appealing to tourists?

How about a pot hotel? Better yet, an all-inclusive Colorado pot resort…

The nation’s first all-inclusive pot resort is set to open in Colorado on July 1.

CannaCamp in Durango, CO is a “170 acre slice of heaven“.

At the resort guests can enjoy the outdoors by enjoying activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and ziplining.

Along with these  outdoor activities, guests can also enjoy pot-related activities like

  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Cannabis Education Classes
  • Cannabis Yoga
  • Canvas & Cannabis painting classes
  • Cannabis-Infused Massage Therapy
  • Cannabis Pairing Dinners
  • Glass Blowing Demonstrations
  • Bonfires
  • 4:20 Happy Hour
image: CannaCamp

The accomodations also look impressive. The property has nine cabins, all of which have two bedrooms and either two or three full bathrooms.

However, staying at CannaCamp isn’t cheap. The smaller Ponderosa Cabin goes for $395 per night and the Cabin Suites will set you back $449 per night. Oh, and I believe those prices are per person! Gosh…

Find out more about CannaCamp here.

I first heard about this resort in an article from Yahoo which you can check out here.

(BTW- I have no interest in visiting CannaCamp. I’m not a pot smoker and never have been.)

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