Reminder: Check Your Aircraft’s Wing for Cats Before Take Off

Flying Cat
image: screen capture from Youtube

Back in February a squirrel caught a flight from Costa Rica to Houston and in April koalas checked out Qantas First Class. There’s also been a couple of instances of scorpions attacking passengers on flights back in February and March.

It’s safe to say that some animals like to fly! Well maybe not exactly…

This is a very important message for pilots. Make sure to check the wings of your aircraft before take off.

You never know just when a cat might be found hanging on for his life.

I came across the story (and video) of a cat that went on the ride of his life and luckily survived it.

According to The Telegraph, “As Romain Jantot prepared for his maiden flight in a light aircraft he could never have predicted what would happen in the skies above Kourou, French Guiana.┬áThe novice pilot had mastered take off and was beginning to cruise hundreds of feet in the air when a cat suddenly stuck its head into the cockpit“.

Along with a few details of what happened, part of the video is also included. I searched for the video on Youtube and found the full 2:57 minute video which is pretty funny.

As the aircraft takes off we see the cat appear soon after. He then gets up and walks closer to where the pilots are, almost hanging over their heads. The reaction the pilot makes when he first spots the cat is priceless!

Check it out:

They landed their aircraft soon after and luckily the cat made it safely back without being harmed.

Find out more details from The Telegraph here.

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