Glad I Double-Checked Amex Offers, $375 Free Money!

Amex Offers

Last week I read about a limited & targeted offer from Amex Offers which gave a $75 statement credit when making a purchase of $250 or more at select stores.

If the offer was available in your account, it could be redeemed up to five times. This means that if the offer is maxed out you could get up to $375 for free from American Express! Not bad at all…

$375 is a nice chunk of change so I was hoping that at least one of my cards had this offer.

I logged into my Amex account on Friday and didn’t see the offer. I immediately once again wondered how we get specific offers.

It was a bit annoying that again I didn’t seem to be targeted by Amex for an offer but what could you do? Time to move on, hope you get the next one that comes along…

Yesterday I was talking with my brother and he mentioned getting the $75 Amex Offer on one of his cards. I mentioned that I had checked my account and came up empty.

When I got home later on I decided to once again check my accounts.

One by one I went through my three remaining American Express accounts, two of which are business cards.

My personal SPG not so surprisingly had nothing nor did my Business Gold card.

I was now down to my final card, a Starwood Business card. I skimmed through my offers and didn’t see anything which stood out. I then went through my offers once more striking gold, well at least $375 worth of free money!

Amex Offers
Terms of the offer

I did indeed have this targeted offer. I don’t know if I missed seeing it on my account on Friday or not but I enrolled in the offer.

My plan is to make five purchases of $250 at Staples. I’ll buy a $200 Visa gift card each time and then pick up a $50 Shell Gas or Whole Foods card.

This should be the easiest $375 I’ve ever earned!

Were you targeted by American Express for this offer?

7 thoughts on “Glad I Double-Checked Amex Offers, $375 Free Money!

  1. Not only did I get this offer, but I think I finally convinced some of my friends who pay their bills the old fashioned way and thus have never set up an account log-in to do so and check their accounts. I don’t care how busy you are or how set you are in your ways, ignoring a potential $375 in savings is crazy. Not to mention the fact that some personal AMEX accounts they have might also be targeted for the Target/Walmart rebate of $30 off $100 up to five times. That’s a free money bonanza!

    1. True for MSers, but most people aren’t going to spend $1,250 at Staples in Shell gas, even if you get 30% off. Folks who aren’t checking their offers regularly are not the ones loading BB, Serve or Redbird. Fortunately that person is not me as I am out of control with MS and checking sync offers. It’s a sickness I now think.

  2. Consider making one of your Staples’ purchases 2 x $200 Visa gift cards (Total = $400). They’re running a $20 Visa Prepaid Card rebate on purchase of $300.

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