Getting Paid To Pee in India?

Ahmedabad India
Toilet in photo is not from India!

The city of Ahmedabad India might be one big, public pissing party but the city is looking to clean up.

No, the city won’t be placing wee-wee pads all over the city but they are getting creative in how they can get people to visit the public restrooms rather than do their business in public, on the floor.

According to Yahoo, Ahmedabad will be “rewarding citizens who pee in public restrooms with cold hard cash“.

Is this what it’s really come to? We need to pay adults to use the bathroom…

This pay for pee in restrooms plan will pay a rupee to those that use the public restrooms.

So what happens to those that still decide to pee in public? They’ll receive a “heavy fine“.

Ahmedabad currently has 300 public restrooms. It is now possible to get paid for peeing at 67┬álocations which are mostly “located near slum areas“.

I don’t know… Getting paid to use the bathroom sounds a bit crazy. I think most would be willing to pay to have the convenience of public restrooms readily available aroun NYC.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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