Danny Meyer Opening Food Hall in NYC

Danny Meyer
Met Danny Meyer at the T4 opening

Food Halls are a hot topic in New York City these days and new ones seem to be popping up all over.

Some of the more well know food halls are Eataly, Gotham West and Chelsea Market.

My personal favorite would probably be Berg’n in Brooklyn, NY. It only has a handful of vendors but all are top-notch. The only problem is that they are starting to rotate some of my favorite vendors- Pizza Moto is now gone and my other fave, Ramen Burger is supposed to be moving on at the end of next month.

The most anticipated food hall coming to NYC has to be Anthony Bourdain’s new project, Bourdain Market. The location was recently revealed but there is no set date as to when it might open. (It probably won’t be for a while…)

I just came across some very interesting and exciting news when it comes to the New York food scene. It seems like another big-time food heavyweight has designs on opening a food hall.

Crain’s reports that Danny Meyer is thinking about opening a massive 40,000 square foot food hall at Hudson Yards.

For those of you not so familiar with the name Danny Meyers, I’m talking about the founder of Shake Shack and many other famous and highly acclaimed restaurants in NYC.

The building which would house the food hall is currently under construction. The food hall would be located on West 30th Street near the corner of 10th Avenue. Crain’s says that the food hall “would benefit from high foot traffic from millions of visitors to the popular elevated park“, the High Line.

The food hall would offer a variety of food options (Shake Shack anyone?) but details of the plans were not yet known.

The space was originally supposed to become a Fairway Market but the deal was not meant to be.

Find out more about the possible Danny Meyer food hall from Crain’s here.

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