Does Your Target Have Hard Time Splitting Debit Loads To REDcard?

Target REDcard

After having success loading my Target REDcard with a Visa gift card I needed to try again, this time upping the ante.

During my test run I had no issues loading one $200 Visa gift card to my REDcard. If I stuck to one $200 load per visit, it would definitely be a slow process building up my points balance.

My first load was at a local Target in Brooklyn, NY. This time I stopped by a store in Long Island, NY at 555 Corporate Drive in Westbury.

I headed over to customer service where there was no line and asked if I could load my REDcard. The friendly customer services rep was happy to help.

When asked how much, I said that I’d like to load $800 but wanted to split the load between four cards. She didn’t seem sure of how to do this… I didn’t want a manager to get called over so I mentioned that if she wasn’t sure how to split the load, it could just be done as 4 transactions.

She seemed to like my suggestion and decided to just do four $200 loads to my REDcard.

From here it was smooth sailing. I loaded $800 to my REDcard in under 5 minutes. No need to call a manager over, check my ID or make me stand around waiting

Although loading REDcard is a bit pricer now that loads can not be done by credit card, it is a tool that can (for now) earn me a lot more than 5,000 miles/ points per month.

target redcard

Since I bought the $200 gift cards at Staples and paid with my Chase Ink card which earns 5X points at office supply stores, my $800 load, earned me 4,000 points!

What has been your new strategy for making use of the Target REDcard now that credit card loads are not allowed?

3 thoughts on “Does Your Target Have Hard Time Splitting Debit Loads To REDcard?

  1. in case you haven’t figured this out yet…
    You just tell them how much you want to load, don’t mention how many cards.
    Swipe the first Visa gift card, put in pin, select no cash back, then the next screen asks something along the lines of do u want to put the entire amount on this card, hit no. The cashier gets prompted for how much she should put on the card, and type of payment. You tell her how much and then stress that it’s a debit card. Repeat this process till u pay off your balance.

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