Is Terrorism Shrinking Our Travel World?

travel safetyI recently came across an article from USA Today about cruise line Holland America canceling Tunisia calls due to a terrorist attack at a museum.

The article goes on to state that five other cruise lines (Costa, MSC, Star Clippers, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and Aida Cruises) had also cancelled calls to the country.

This made me thing of another recent article (from a couple of months back) where I wrote how Terrorism in Paris = Less Tourists.

Thinking of these two terror attacks made me really start to wonder…

Will acts of terror play a role in deciding which countries are off limits (so to speak) to travelers and tourism?

Another way to look at is this: Is terrorism shrinking our travel world?

One might also wonder what kind of long term impact terror attacks might have on a particular city or country, especially if it was recently involved in an attack.

When thinking about terrorism around the world, there are large parts of Africa and the Middle East that I (and I’d assume most people) would not even think about visiting. A similar thought might be held for going to Ukraine due to Russian aggression but that is a bit of a different issue…

What do you think- is terrorism around the world having an impact on and limiting the places you’d consider visiting?

One thought on “Is Terrorism Shrinking Our Travel World?

  1. Definitely. I’ve gone to Russia many times over the last ten years, but I’m not planning to go back there for a long time. I have plenty of Russian friends, but under the circumstances I’d rather stay away. I’ve had to a trip to Egypt planned for quite some time (one of my bucket list destinations), but am not sure if I’ll ever be going there…

    Though going to France would never bother me in the slightest…. I’ll pass on most of Africa too (though South Africa would be fine). Too bad.

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