Something Exciting Coming To 

A few days back I received an e-mail from that made me a bit curious.

The e-mail didn’t have much detail or information included, but it did tell me that “Something exciting is coming…“.

So, what could it be???

While I don’t have an answer or much of a clue as to what will be announcing, hopefully it is something which will make the program better than it currently is.

Kim and I have used quite a bit over the past few years. We find the site to be a good option to earn rewards with when we’re staying at smaller and/ or independent hotels.

With the Welcome Rewards program you earn one free night credit after staying 10 nights. The value of the free night is based on the average of your 10 paid nights.

Based on where we travel and the kind of hotels we tend to stay at, this program is a good complement to traditional ones like Club Carlson, IHG, Starwood and others along those lines.

When I clicked on the link from, I found out: 

Originally when I checked the counter it was at 9 days or so. Now it’s currently at a little over 6 days left until the big news is revealed.

I can’t say that I have a clue as to what the big news might be. Do any of you want to take a guess?

If you’d like to get an alert about’s upcoming news, you can sign up for their e-mail list or become a member of the program here.

4 thoughts on “Something Exciting Coming To

  1. Raffles- I’m just hoping that it really is good new and not something like- we’re making great changes and now you need 15-20 stays to earn a free night!

    brteacher- That would be interesting!

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