Odd 10% Redeemed Miles Back from AA Award Booking

American Airlines Miles

A few days back I confirmed an award booking with American Airlines that I briefly had on hold.

After I finished purchasing the award flight, I waited a day or so before I logged into my account to check to see if I got 10% of my redeemed miles back. This is a benefit offered by a couple of credit cards that I have, the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Card and the new Barclays AA Aviator Red (formerly the US Airways Mastercard).

(You can get a max. of 10,000 miles back each year as a benefit of each card.)

When I logged in, I did see 10% of my miles returned to my account but I was a bit confused.

I had wondered how the 10% refund would work considering two of my cards offer this benefit.American Airlines Miles

A little about the flight I booked.

I booked a one way award for Kim, Lucas and I for 17,500 AAdvantage miles. We’re flying home from a destination in Latin America that we’ll be visiting at the end of June in economy class.

Based on this, I was due to receive 1,750 miles back for each ticket making each flight actually cost 15,750 miles each.

When I logged into my account, this is what I saw:

American Airlines Miles

If you look at the chart above, you’ll see that it shows a Barclays 10% Award Redemption Bonus AND a Citi 10% Award Redemption Bonus.

The thing is that I did not receive a 10% return of miles from each card. I received 5% back from each card for a total 10% mileage refund.

This made me wonder…

If you’re a card holder of the Barclays Aviator Red and the Citi AAdvantage Platinum card, can we now get 20,000 miles refunded from award redemptions each year now?

Since I actually got 5% of my redeemed miles back from each card this time around, can each card be maxed out for 10,000 miles back per card in a calendar year? Or, will AA only allow a maximum of 10,000 miles back (total) regardless of having both of these AA cards?

7 thoughts on “Odd 10% Redeemed Miles Back from AA Award Booking

  1. I will get 20,000 back for having two cards. Why? Simply because I resisted the bloggers pleas to combine my accounts ASAP and instead kept them separate.

  2. Nic- I’m not sure what’s so odd… Do you think everyone that blogs reads every other blog post out there? Let’s see- I have something called a job, a family and other things going on in my life too…

  3. CJ- Thanks for letting me know. Definitely odd how your miles were credited back.

    Bill- That’s too bad! Thought there might be a chance to get the benefit from each card.

  4. I wondered the same thing, however I’ve seen this topic covered in several other blogs (sorry, I can’t remember where I read about it) and the answer seems to be NO, you won’t get 10% miles back from each card, rather it will be split between the two…

  5. Max of 10000 – I booked a flight costing 125K (1st class trip to Japan for 2) and the total return across 4 cards added up to 10000 miles (weirdly as 1875+1875+3125+3125)

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