Man Stuck In Cargo Hold, Plane Turns Back

cargo hold
image: screen capture from CNN

Talk about another crazy reason for a plane having to turn back after take-off…

Last week I write about a plane turning back due to runway lights being turned off. In mid-March I wrote how a plane returned to Hong Kong when the wrong passenger was onboard. How about a plane turning back when a child was illegally taken out of the country or better yet, due to two drunk women.

An Alaska Airlines plane took off from Seattle yesterday and had to turn back a few minutes later after the pilot heard “unusual banging” according to CNN.

Alaska Flight 448 was heading to Los Angeles when it had to land due to the noise.

So, what could it be?

A ramp agent was stuck inside the cargo hold, having fall asleep prior to take off. The agent, an employee of Menzies Aviation was part of a four person team loading bags onto the plane.

Luckily the cargo hold is pressurized & temperature controlled and the baggage handler was ok. He was taken to the hospital just to be safe. He also passed a drug test and was then discharged.

After the plane returned, it took off a bit later, arriving in LA that night.

I just wonder if this baggage handler will get into any trouble for sleeping on the job???

Find out more from CNN here.

2 thoughts on “Man Stuck In Cargo Hold, Plane Turns Back

  1. A cargo hold is probably not the best place to fall asleep at work…! But then again, it’s probably better than an engine nacelle!

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