Traffic Jam- Yelapa, Mexico

yelapa mexico

During our trip to Puerto Vallarta we took a boat trip which made two stops. The first stop was for some snorkeling but the main draw of the trip was to visit a fishing village only accessible by boat, Yelapa.

When we arrived close to the village, it looked pretty interesting. We were given two choices, hang out and relax on the beach or go for a hike around the area.

I think many of you can figure out which option I went with.

We started off our hike passing some basic shops and restaurants. There also seemed to be lots of unfinished construction projects along the way.

Quite a few locals have also set up shop selling their goods along the path which leads to Yelapa’s waterfall, the destination of most tourists visiting the village.

yelapa mexico

Along the way we came across an elderly man trying to make some money from having tourists take photos of (or with) his donkey. On the way to the waterfall Kim and I didn’t bother to stop for a photo but on the way back, we got one photo since someone in our small group had tipped him.

yelapa mexico

We made it to the waterfall soon after, took a few photos and turned back to explore more of the area. Since we weren’t in a rush, we checked out some of the souvenir stands and took more photos along the way.

yelapa mexico

Around 15-20 minutes later, I heard some faint noise of what sounded like a horse. When I turned around, it ended up being the donkey with the elderly man riding him up the hill.

We kept walking but then something that I never expected to happen occurred. There are no cars in Yelapa since there are no real roads. People get around by donkey, horse, motorbike and ATV. Getting in and out of the village is by boat…

Just moments after hearing the donkey coming, we had to get out-of-the-way. It seemed like we were going to be caught in the middle of a Yelapa traffic jam!

yelapa mexico

While there are a lack of vehicles in the village, we had to wait to go any further when the donkey and the man on the motorbike came by at opposite directions.

We made it safely past and then enjoyed exploring a bit more of the area with one of the highlights being the view.

yelapa mexico

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