Harrison Ford Seriously Injured In Plane Crash

Harrison Ford injured
image: NBC News

Update: I just read that Ford has been upgraded to fair to moderate condition.

A few weeks back I wrote about private jets of the rich and famous. Based on the info I came across, it seems like quite a few celebrities own their own planes with some even being experienced pilots.

One of the celebrities mentioned in the post was Harrison Ford, who owns a total of 8 planes.

Earlier today, Ford was involved in a plane crash, sustaining serious head injuries.

He was flying a vintage World War II training plane which crashed on a golf course soon after takeoff. The plane took off from Santa Monica Airport and crash landed at Penmar Golf Course.

According to NBC News, the actor, famous for starring in Indiana Jones, Star Wars and many other films “was stabilized and taken to a local hospital. Sources said he sustained cuts to head”.

An employee at the golf course said “There was blood all over his face … Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him. I helped put a blanket under his hip“.

There is no info yet about other injuries or what caused the crash.

Here’s to hoping Harrison Ford makes a full recover and is back to making films soon.

Find out more from NBC News here.

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