Did You Know About Lonely Planet Kids Books

Lonely Planet Kids

A couple of years back I wrote about a collection of Lonely Planet books which were made for kids called Not For Parents.

With Lucas now being three years old, I think it’s almost time for me to look into this collection again and see if some of these books might be suitable for him. However, I think I still have some time since the books are geared more towards kids 8+.

While looking over Lonely Planet Kids, I saw some new and interesting titles added since the last time I’ve looked at what they had to offer.

They added a new series called Adventures In, featuring titles like Busy Places, Cold Places and Wild Places. 

The book I was most interested in is the Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas.

Here is a description of the book from LP:

Discover what an awesome, cool and quirky world we live in. Amazing World Atlas is a mind-blowing mix of history, culture and fascinating facts. Find out what it’s like to be a kid in other countries, see which celebrities come from where and test your wits with our fiendish quizzes. Get ready to take a trip around the world you’ll never forget!”

The book sounds like a great activity to bring along for flights or to occupy a kid’s time at the hotel while traveling.

It also offers quizzes which look like a fun way to review what’s been learned in the Amazing World Atlas.

Lonely Planet Kids

Lonely Planet is offering one quiz to try out which can be downloaded for free online. Most of the questions should be pretty easy for most adults but it’s definitely worth printing out or downloading as a fun, quick kids activity.

Here is a sample question:

Lonely Planet Kids

If you’d like to see the full quiz or download it, you can do so here.

What kind of travel-related books do you recommend for kids?

Take a look at all of the Lonely Planet Kids books here.

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