“The Reloaders Are Here”, Another REDcard Experience

Manufactured spending

After writing about a recent experience loading my Target prepaid REDcard, I wondered if loads were being limited to $1,000 per day.

After many people shared their experiences, it seems like this $1,000 load by credit card per day rule is being implemented on a store by store basis.

Since I had to finish loading my card for February, I went back to the same store to see how  things would turn out.

I was hoping to finish off loading my last $1,500 in one store but didn’t have high hopes. Just a few days before I was only allowed to do one load by credit card of $1,000 in this same location.

I got on a line of what appeared to be a few people in front of me but this wasn’t exactly the case. I had a return to make along with hopes to load my REDcard.

One of two people were helped and there was one man standing to the side of the line in front of me. I figured he was next but I was motioned over to the register.

I made my return and then pulled out my REDcard and asked if I could get it loaded.

Here is where things got a bit funny. I encountered something that never happened before.

After asking to have my card loaded, the cashier gestured to a young guy standing a few registers down and another man standing to the side of the line. She said they are also waiting to load their cards and that the manager would be by in a moment…. Awkward.

So I went back on the line behind the older guy and waited for the manager to show up.

While waiting, another Target employee stopped by the customer service desk and asked what the line was for. This is when I heard one of the funniest lines ever (when it comes to manufactured spend).

“The reloaders are here.”

(The employees followed the comment with a few chuckles as did I!)

I then waited my turn and loaded $1,000 onto my REDcard without issue and didn’t even ask about loading the last $500. (The same manager was there from a few days before.)

Since I had a little extra free time, I decided to drive to another Target 20 minutes away.

The experience at Target #2 was quite different from my last few experiences.

When I asked to load my card, I expected a manager to be called. But no, to my surprise the young lady went ahead and loaded $500 onto my card without thinking twice.

I wish that I had more money left to load onto the card to see if she would let me add more, but I was done for the month of February.

How could the experience in two stores so close to each other be so different? (I’ve also heard from many people that the third Target in Brooklyn doesn’t take credit cards at all.)

I guess I know which Target store I’ll be trying to do my next load at to start off the new month.

(I actually went back to store #2 after writing this post to do a load for March and will share how that REDcard loading experience went in an upcoming post.)

7 thoughts on ““The Reloaders Are Here”, Another REDcard Experience

  1. MSPDeltaDude- Great points! I didn’t just go to the 2nd location to load my card, had to get something for my wife which wasn’t available at the first store. Regardless, I did want to see if I could load my card in two stores in one day.

    DaninMCI- I’ll have to look into it! BTW- No problem with adding your link.

  2. Make sure to sign up for Shopkicks app for your smartphone so you can get those credits while your there. They aren’t worth much but do add up over time if you are going to target anyway. Oh and I’m not trying to spam here but if you could use my referral link I would appreciate that it’s http://get.shopkick.com/colorado4175

    I’ve earn hundreds of itunes dollars with shopkick so it does add up with little effort.

  3. Was the gas and extra 20 min, drive even worth the 500 miles/points you earned ? If I learned one thing in this game, it’s don’t be afraid to ask, and also to value YOUR time and money when earning points.

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