And They’re Back! British Airways Avios Return

British Airways AviosThis past Friday many of us tried logging into our British Airways accounts to find ourselves to be locked out. Upon changing the account password and getting back in, we then found our accounts to be zeroed out!

It turned out that this was done preemptively by BA to protect our accounts. Too bad the airline wasn’t wise enough to notify us when this action took place…

This led me to ask- Hey British Airways, Where Are My Avios?

I tweeted my post to @British_Airways through Twitter not expecting a response. However, they did let me know that our Avios That Went Adios Would be Re-credited.

Based on this info, it seemed like there would be no need to contact BA, inquiring about my missing Avios.

I’ve been checking my account each day and was happy to see my Avios back in my account when I got home from work last night!

British Airways Avios

The Avios were credited back to my account with the same description of Ex-Gratia.

British Airways Avios

While it’s nice that BA did follow through and quickly reinstate my points, it would’ve been nice if they communicated what was going on with us.

If not for my tweet, I wouldn’t have had any info about what was going on with my points. I also wouldn’t have had much of a clue that my Avios were back in my account if I hadn’t been checking it on a daily basis.

British Airways did do a nice job protecting our accounts from potentially a bigger pain (being hacked) but it just would’ve been nice if we weren’t kept in the dark as to what was going on.

What do you think about how British Airways handled this situation? I think they could’ve done a lot more to have kept us informed.

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