500 IHG Points or 2 Bottles of Water- What Would You Choose?

IHG Rewards ClubA short while ago, Kim, Lucas and I checked into the Holiday Inn Express Charleston Downtown- Ashley River.

Upon pulling up, the hotel seemed nice enough as did the lobby. There were a couple of people online waiting to check-in before it was our turn.

The overly-friendly rep went over all of the formalities and thanked me for being an IHG Platinum member. You’re welcome, thanks for the credit card offering a free night each year just for paying the $49 annual fee!

After being handed my room key and parking lot tag, I was asked a fun question.

For being a loyal, Platinum member, he wanted to know if I wanted 500 points or two bottles of water?

(FYI- I booked the room with my Chase IHG Annual Free Night benefit. The annual fee costs $49, making the cost of the room $49…)

Tough call! I love points but I was pretty thirsty.

What to do, what to do…

Before thinking much further I said I’ll take the points! I mean, 500 points is 1/10th of a Points Break night, right?

What would you choose? Points of water?

If you’ve been offered points or a perk at IHG (or other hotels) in the past, what did you choose?

11 thoughts on “500 IHG Points or 2 Bottles of Water- What Would You Choose?

  1. Scott- I agree, Point Breaks can be hard to book. Very nice deal when you can though.

    James- Definitely good reasoning!

    Okra- Good one!

    Paul- Free drinks are definitely worth more than 500 points! Cheers!

    Chanel- Breakfast was already included!

    James- Great idea! I’ll try it next time.

    Rich A- I try as best possible to book a pricier hotel but also book when I need a night. I’m not typically looking to create more trips just due to a free night. This free night is expiring soon and this was the last trip to use it on. A hotel that costs around $240 with tax is a solid value IMO!

  2. MW,
    Your math is right on. I too would, and have taken, the points. I am a little surprised you used the annual free night at a HIX. We’ve used ours for the Intercontinental brand which can approach a value of $500/night. But if it’s in a “use it or lose it” scenario, I could understand —-

  3. I always choose the points. Then I just ask them if I can have a bottle of water. They always give me the water.

  4. I laughed at that offer. I have been offered points or breakfast at Hilton properties, and I have gone for the breakfast… Twice. I cannot turn away a good breakfast buffet, but water? That should be free!

  5. depends whether or not I’m thirsty… 500pts = ~$3.50 so its a relatively even trade off.

    I often get offered drink tickets for the bar and I always accept those!

  6. Back in January I stayed at the SeaTac Marriott and was offered 250 pts or the high-speed wifi. Because I was checking in at 10 PM and had a 6 AM flight the next morning, I took the points. If I had been checking in earlier and didn’t have such an early flight the next morning, I probably would have taken the faster wifi

  7. I misread, somehow read 1/10 cent. Points break have been hard for me to take advantage of lately though I planned one entire trip with them.

  8. I think your math is off,but it depends on how you value the water. If you say they are worth $5, your valuing the points at 1 cent apiece. I’d go for the water probably.

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