Earn Up To 8,000 Bonus Points With Virgin America’s Elevate

virgin america airlines

Virgin America wants you to join their frequent flyer program called Elevate and/ or invite a friend to join. They’re also hoping to reward you for it.

I can’t say that I’ve flown with Virgin America or that I know much about their Elevate program. However, they were nice enough to give some free points on my birthday and as a holiday bonus.

With the current offer, new members can earn 500 Elevate points just for signing up for an Elevate account. You can earn an additional 7.500 bonus points after you take your first flight.

They would also like for you to invite friends to join their frequent flyer program. If you invite a friend to join and they take a flight by February 28, 2015, you will both receive a bonus of 7,500 Elevate Points.

virgin america airlines

Looking closer at the offer, it might not be as lucrative as it seems.  To earn the highest amount of bonus points, you or your friend will have to be flying in First Class. If you’re flying in main cabin or main cabin select, your bonus will be lower for each level.

From Virgin America:

  • For Referrers: “For every person you refer who enrolls in the Elevate program, you will earn bonus reward points according to the cabin in which they complete their first flight with Virgin America: Main Cabin 2,500 points, Main Cabin Select 5,000 points and First Class 7,500 points.
  • For Referees: “Referees will earn 500 bonus reward points upon enrolling in the Elevate program. “Referees will also earn additional bonus reward points according to the cabin in which they complete their first flight with Virgin America after enrolling in the Elevate program: Main Cabin 2,500 points, Main Cabin Select 5,000 points, and First Class 7,500 points

Are any of you Virgin America flyers? I’d love to hear what you think about the airline and frequent flyer program.

Find out more and sign up for Virgin America Elevate here.

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4 thoughts on “Earn Up To 8,000 Bonus Points With Virgin America’s Elevate

  1. Monica- Awesome! I’ve never flown Virgin America or Atlantic so I’m not too familiar with the programs. (I flew once with Virgin Blue. They are now called Virgin Australia.) A quick search brought up the SFO-LHR example I mentioned… Based on the SFO flight, looks like you’d have to pay some hefty taxes, still giving you a flight though for around half price!

  2. Monica- Interesting… So you got 15,000 Elevate points for $202- how many points do you need to fly to England? I saw SFO-LHF for 25K + $475. Is that the flight you were talking about?

    1. Hi Michael,

      If you look up JFK-LHR, the points required round trip in Economy is 15,000 on Virgin Atlantic. So, you would be able to use those points from Virgin America on a round trip flight on Virgin Atlantic. If you check Google Flights, with some sample dates, ( I used March 18-25) the retail value of the flight on Virgin Atlantic is $1,172.00. So, in my case, splitting the cost of two one way first class flights for my parents to fly from LAS to LAX was a good deal. Each of their one way tickets cost $202, so yes, I split the cost with them. They were happy to take a first class one way flight which earned them each 7,500 miles +500 for signing up, and I was happy to make 15,000 for sharing the cost. Of course now, mom wants to go to England with me so I’ll have to find a way to be creative to get her more points too! Lol.

  3. Well, this can be a very lucrative offer. I took advantage of this offer this past fall. I signed up and had my mom sign up. Knowing that she would be visiting Las Vegas, I split the cost of her one way first class ticket with her to fly from las Vegas to LAX. The ticket was $202.00 and we both ended up getting the 7,500 points. I did the same thing with my dad who traveled with her and split the cost with him. So, for $202, I have almost enough points to redeem for a round trip to England! Yay!

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