Thailand Giving Chinese Tourists Behavior Manuals

Chinese Tourists
image:Wat Rong Khun- Wikicommons

This is pretty crazy and could be even taken as border-line offensive but….

I couldn’t imagine being given a manual on how to act when visiting a country but that’s what thousand of Chinese tourists will be receiving when they visit Thailand over the Chinese New Year.

According to the Telegraph Travel, “etiquette manuals are being printed for the 90,000 Chinese tourists” expected to visit this week.

As crazy as this sounds, after reading more of the article, I can’t say that I disagree with the Thai government for needing to take this step.

The manuals will include tips on museum etiquette, proper lavatory use and driving behavior, things that should typically be considered common sense.

Based on claims of what happened last year, you’d think a tourist policing force would be needed. There were accusations of using a city’s moat as a toilet (maybe they would benefit from this app), causing accidents due to reckless driving and damaging attractions.

For a half day, Chinese tourists were banned from temple Wat Rong Khun due to “complaints of inappropriate toilet usage“. Gross!

Do you feel that it is right or wrong of Thailand to hand out etiquette manuals to Chinese tourists?

Find out more from the Telegraph here.

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3 thoughts on “Thailand Giving Chinese Tourists Behavior Manuals

  1. Tiara- While it isn’t so polite to spit, I wouldn’t single out the Chinese for this nor offer a manual not to! Just my opinion!

    Choi- Thanks for the comment. I know it is a sensitive topic but when referring to China, I think that it is safe to say that the majority know that it is in reference to mainland China. In fact, if you go to and look up member states, you will also see China as the county’s name….

  2. Just to educate you on a sensitive political matter, please going forward
    do tittle anything related to China and its people as “mainland China” vs the rest of oversea Chinese. by just saying “Chinese ” in your tittle, you insinuate the matter with lack of knowledge but very damaging to other Chinese ancestry but clearly not politically attached to Red China.

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