Shake Shack Opening In Tokyo In 2016

shake shack location
image: Shake Shack

With Shake Shack slowly spreading across the U.S. it’s also time to spread their awesome burgers and shakes to another international destination.

With locations in the Middle East, U.K., Turkey and Russia, now it’s Japan’s turn to have their very own Shake Shack!

The first Shake Shack location in Tokyo will be opening in 2016.

To do so, Shack will be partnering with a licensee, Sazaby League, the company that first brought Starbucks to Japan. There are plans to open 10 Shake Shacks in Japan by 2020.

The menu will include all of the usual items like ShackBurgers, Shack-cago Dogs, fries, beer, wine and their delicious custard.

I’m curious to find out if there will be any interesting locally- inspired Concrete flavors or menu items.

Find out more about Shake Shack Tokyo here.

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