One of the Craziest Groupon Deals + 20% Off Code

Groupon Deals

Deal sites like Groupon can be a great way to save some cash on  entertainment, dining out and a wide variety of items and other services.

I used to purchase lots of these kinds of deals from Groupon, Living Social, Travel Zoo and a bunch of other websites but these days I am much more selective. Since these deals typically have expiration dates, they can become a real pain to use or even forgotten about.

I came across one of the strangest Groupon deals that I’ve ever seen.

Philadelphia burger shop PYT is offering a special deal for a limited time. (A NYC location will also be opening this summer.)

For $144 you can get a card which entitles you to one burger (and fries) a day for one year. According to the offer page, this deal is valued at $4,380. (Burgers cost from $10-$14 each.)

This offer is good at the Philadelphia location and will also be valid in NYC when the shop opens this upcoming summer.

Kim and I stopped by PYT a few years back and enjoyed trying some of their strange burgers. (Two of them made my 5 Bizarre Burgers list.) When we eventually go back or try out the upcoming New York location, I plan try out some different options. (Maybe their spaghetti burger if it is available!)

I do love burgers but would I consider going crazy and buying this insane deal?

Short answer- no.

Even if the NYC location of PYT was already open, I like diversity and trying out burgers from all different shops. As great as burgers are, it’s not something I want to eat every day! I don’t think there is any food that I want to eat every day.

Check out the Groupon offer for PYT here.

20% Off Groupon Code:

Today is the last day to save an extra 20% on up to three Groupon Local Deals. Just make sure to use code: LOVE20 at checkout.

(If you were to use this additional discount for a years worth of burgers at PYT, the price would now drop from $144 down to $115.20.)

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4 thoughts on “One of the Craziest Groupon Deals + 20% Off Code

    1. Exactly was my thought after reading the article.
      Buy the cupon and days that you don’t want to eat the burger give it to a homeless person.

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