CLOSE CALL: Skydivers And A Plane

skydiving accident
screen capture from youtube video

I can’t say that skydiving is on my list of experiences that I need to try in my lifetime.

After watching a video of a close call between skydivers and the plane that they jumped from, here is another reason why it might not be the best idea…

I came across the story and video from Thrillist and it is a pretty crazy sight to see.

Back in October, a dive instructor and student jumped in tandem from a plane in Thailand. The jump seemed to be going well and the student seemed really excited in the video.

But then, all of a sudden the plane that they jumped from made a turn right back towards the pair. According to Thrillist, the plane missed them by inches, “catching their drogue and bridle (essential parachute deployment gear) on its wing“.

Talk about getting really lucky in avoiding what could’ve been a horrific skydiving accident.

Check out the video on Youtube here and let us know if you’d be less likely to go skydiving after seeing this close call.

Find out more details from Thrillist here.

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