An E-Mail Bringing 40000 Miles Of Great News

us airways dividend miles mastercardLast month I wrote about successfully sending a secure message to Barclaycard to get a 10,000 mile bonus bump.

A few days later I was happy to see that the bonus miles from my secure message had posted so I decided to share the good news!

The funny thing was that the additional 10,000 miles posted before the offer’s initial 40,000. Barclay’s was very accommodating to match the better offer that I missed out on. I just wondered how long would it take for the main part of my sign up bonus to show up in my US Airways account???

I paid my bill just around one month back and have checked Award Wallet a bunch of times since then, but still haven’t seen an increase to the tune of 40,000 miles.

While finishing up work, I came across an e-mail with the subject:  Congratulations, you’ve earned your bonus miles!

Now that’s the kind of e-mail that I love to see! However,  I can’t recall any other time being alerted by e-mail about a sign up bonus posting. Have you?

Besides the image above, here are the rest of the details from the e-mail:

us airways dividend miles mastercard

When I got home, one of the first things I did was check to see if the points did indeed post to my US Airways account.

us airways dividend miles mastercardAs expected, the miles were in my account!

After earning 605,000 miles and points from credit card sign up bonuses in 2014 I need to start working on making 2015 an even better year.

Here’s to hoping some big credit card bonus offers will be coming out at some point early in the new year!

5 thoughts on “An E-Mail Bringing 40000 Miles Of Great News

  1. I was lucky enough to apply and be approved for this card today so I didn’t run into the issue of missing the offer. Very awesome that they were nice enough to hook you up – that’s how it should be if you only missed it by a couple of weeks.

    Looking forward to seeing my bonus miles post after I pay the fee and spend.

  2. TonyM- I applied for it less than a month before the better off came out. You could PM Barclaycard but I think most would agree that it is highly unlikely you’d be given the extra miles. However, it definitely doesn’t cost anything to ask. Good Luck!

  3. Regarding your USAirways Barclaycard, when did you apply for this card? I have one and received it in May last year, without the 10k bump. I wonder if I could PM Barclaycard to ask for this deal but it may be that my application is too old. TIA

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