The Winner of My Clothing Arts Giveaway Is…

Clothing Arts

While we didn’t do a ton of shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we did enjoy spending free money on Amex Small Business Saturday at some local restaurants and stores in Brooklym, NY.

Here at Michael W Travels, we felt Black Friday was a great time to offer probably our biggest giveaway to date.

In the giveaway, a pair of (what I like to call) the best travel pants ever were up for grabs. (Check out my review of Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof pants here.)

Clothing Arts Clothing Arts

Thanks to the generosity of the kind folks over at Clothing Arts, one of my readers will win a pair of these amazing pants.

There were a slew of different ways to enter like liking/ following Michael W Travels on Facebook, Twitter & G+. You could also comment on the post to gain entry points.

I asked you to answer- What do you feel is the best feature of Clothing Arts travel pants?

Most of you answered that you liked the pants most for the pick-pocket proof feature or due to being wrinkle free. Both are great reasons to like the pants!

The winner will have the chance to choose which pair of Clothing Arts pants they’d like.

Choose from:

Without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner!

The winner of one pair of Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants is…. Mark M.

Mark entered multiple ways. His winning entry was for tweeting about my giveaway.

I want to thank everyone for participating in my giveaway and hope that you’ll continue to stop by Michael W Travels for new posts every day!

Thanks again to Clothing Arts for making this giveaway happen.

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