Update: 500 Bonus US Bank FlexPerks Points

US Bank FlexPerks

Yesterday I wrote a post about what should’ve been an easy way to earn 500 US Bank FlexPerks points for watching a short video.

With the offer, I needed to watch a short video about FamDoo, an allowance tool that helps parents reward their kids for desired behaviors. You can buy credits to give to your kids or transfer FlexPoints there.

After watching the FamDoo video, I expected to see a form to fill out or some sort of message related to the 500 bonus FlexPoints offer. There was no mention of the bonus making myself and others think this offer wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be…

I tweeted out my post a few times and had planned to also do so with the Twitter handle for U.S. Bank.

However, before I had a chance to do so, U.S. Bank’s Twitter team sent me a message!

US Bank FlexPerksI haven’t had any interaction with the U.S. Bank Twitter team up until this moment and it was really impressive that they reached out to me. The only problem was that the questions I had related to this promo still were not answered.

I decided to tweet back to them a specific question about the promo.

Here is what I tweeted:

US Bank FlexPerksI finally got the answer I was looking for and it was definitely good news!

According to the U.S. Bank Twitter team, as long as I was logged into the PromoSite with my FlexPerks number, I’d be getting the bonus points. In another tweet I was reminded that the promo ends on March 2 and I should expect the bonus miles 8-10 weeks from then.

I have to say that I was really impressed with the U.S. Bank Twitter team. They tried to help me out by responding to my tweet without me having to contact them directly. When I responded with another question, they answered quickly and even added in some additional info!

If you received the U.S. Bank FlexPerks 500 bonus points offer with FamDoo, be sure to log into the PromoSite and register for the offer.

And for those of you taking part, please remind me 8-10 weeks after March 2 to check my FlexPerks account to see if the bonus posted!

2 thoughts on “Update: 500 Bonus US Bank FlexPerks Points

  1. Carl P- It sure did come off that way. Let’s hope that what the US Bank Twitter team told us is in fact true and the points do show up in our accounts!

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