Can This End the Armrest War?

plane origami

We all know that personal space on an airplane, (well at least in coach) are two words that do not go together.

Seats are being added, legroom is disappearing and then we have to contend for a sliver of the armrest. 

These days I’m usually flying with Kim and Lucas so sharing the armrest is not usually a big deal. But the times I do sit next to a stranger, it can be a bit of a pain. And, I’m sure this is a problem for all of us….

I was happy to come across an article from Thrillist about a brilliant new product which just might solve the problem of sharing the armrest with strangers and help avoid “elbow wars”.

plane origamiThe Soarigami is “a clip-on, origami-style armrest divider that looks like a paper airplane and frees up twice the space of a regular armrest” according to Thrillist.

Just imagine a way to create double the armrest space. Maybe both passengers could actually gain a bit of extra comfort due to this invention.

The Soarigami will be available for pre-sale in early 2015 and I think that I’d be in for one.

plane origami

So what do you think? Would you be interested in the Soarigami?

Check out Thriliist’s Soarigami article here. Find out more details about the product and sign up e-mail alerts from Soarigami here.

3 thoughts on “Can This End the Armrest War?

  1. Rings- I’d be interested in trying it out too!

    Simon- I agree for the most part with how you usually share the armrest. And yes, if a person is too large to stay within their own space then nothing more will probably help other than getting an extra seat.

  2. Sharing the armrest isn’t just splitting it down the middle, I often find myself with back half and the other person getting the front half.

    The real abusers of space are the folks physically too big to stay in their space and this won’t make a jot of difference.

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