United MileagePlus Shopping: 500 Bonus Miles- Targeted

united mileageplus shopping These days it seems like shopping portal bonus offers come along much more frequently than they used to. The only problem is that many of them tend to be targeted or “private offers”.

I’m glad that I’ve been receiving many of these special offers although I haven’t taken advantage of all of them…

I received an offer from United MileagePlus Shopping a couple of days back giving me another chance to earn an easy 500 bonus miles.

united mileageplus shopping To earn the bonus, all I have to do is spend a cumulative $75 at MileagePlus Shopping in a limited amount of time.

They’re not giving much time to take advantage of this offer so I’m not so sure that I will earn this bonus. MileagePlus Shopping is giving me until 11:59 PM ET on 11/15/14 to complete my spend of $75 or more.

Gift cards are not eligible for this promo. If they were that would be a simple way to meet the spend.

Did you receive a bonus offer from MileagePlus Shopping or any other programs recently?

Find out if you qualify for a bonus by logging into MileagePlus Shopping here. However if you did have a bonus offer available, you should’ve received an e-mail from the program.

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