JetBlue Flight Schedule Extended

jetblue flight schedule

While we’re not big JetBlue flyers I’m sure many of you are so this is great news….

If you’re looking to book flights with JetBlue through the majority of 2015 you’ll be happy to hear that the airline has extended its schedule! 

Our most recent flight with JetBlue was to the Dominican Republic back in early June.

While the flights were nothing memorable (besides enjoying Terra Blue chips), I had a minor situation with a flight attendant prior to taking off on the way home. This inspired me to write the post Who Owns the Overhead Bin Space.

I’m currently running a poll which has two questions related to the post mentioned above… Voting ends at midnight on November 4 so today is the last day to enter. If you’d like to participate in the poll you can do so here.

JetBlue has extended it’s schedule through September 7, 2015.

If you’re looking to book a flight with JetBlue, click here and head on over to their site.

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