Airbnb’s Awesome NYC Marathon Event

airbnb nyc marathon

Last year we had such a good time cheering on runners during the New York City Marathon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that we planned to go to watch the race again this year. However, we weren’t sure where we should go.

Our decision became easier when I found out that Airbnb would be having events around the boroughs during marathon day.

Kim, Lucas and I headed over to Flatbush Avenue & 4th to cheer on the runners and see what Airbnb had planned.

We arrived a couple of hours into the race and could see the Airbnb stage from a couple of blocks away.

airbnb nyc marathon

We headed towards the area and saw what seemed like a small army of Airbnb crew in the area. Many of them were wearing retro-looking Airbnb varsity jackets and handing out a variety of locally made snacks and swag to cheer on the runners with.

airbnb nyc marathon
Party Supplies

The stage had 2 or 3 different bands playing music while we were there which was a lot of fun. One of the bands, Party Supplies was really good which was nice since the music was blasting probably a bit too loud.

airbnb nyc marathon

While cheering on the runners we picked up some of the Airbnb goodies.

airbnb nyc marathon airbnb nyc marathon

They gave out snacks like Kenny’s Krumbs Cookies, McClures Potato Chips and Salty Road Taffy. I really liked the cookies and taffy but didn’t try the chips since they’re pickle flavored. However, Kim and Lucas both enjoyed them!

We also got Airbnb foam fingers (shown in first photo), kazoos, a paper megaphone and shoe laces. Fun stuff…

airbnb nyc marathon

One of the most fun parts of the Airbnb setup was the Cheer Sign Station.

We were given a pre-printed poster and then had a lot of fun decorating it with a variety of provided stickers to make a custom sign! There was also space to fill in Run Because ____. I filled in my sign with a simple saying, “Why Not!!!”. (Check out my sign in the photo at the top of the post.)

airbnb nyc marathon

While hanging around we got a group photo from Airbnb taken for us. The photo was e-mailed to us and could also be shared on social media by filling out our info on an iPad.

airbnb nyc marathon
Airbnb Cheer Crew

Overall, Airbnb did an incredible job with their NYC Marathon Brooklyn event. I’d assume that their other events around the city were just as good.

They had a a big group of friendly people representing them which made the event feel like a fun marathon party!

Hopefully they get involved again next year.

If you haven’t tried Airbnb yet and have been thinking of doing so, sign up through my invite link. You’ll get an Airbnb $25 credit and I’ll get one too once you complete your first stay.

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