Airbnb NYC Marathon Events + Giveaways

airbnb nyc marathon
I still can’t get over the ridiculous Airbnb logo

Over the years, I’ve written a bunch of posts about running. I’m not a hardcore runner, but I do enjoy the sport. I usually run 5Ks (3.1 miles) with my longest runs being in the 5 mile range.

Last year we stumbled across the path of the New York City Marathon and witnessed something pretty amazing pass by. A man was joggling his way through the marathon. The guy was juggling through the 26.2 mile course! Pretty crazy and impressive if you ask me!

We had a lot of fun hanging out for a while by the marathon route and plan to go again this year.

We were deciding if it was best to stay closer to home or head back to our spot last year in Williamsburg.

I then received an e-mail from Airbnb about some events they were holding around the boroughs along the marathon route on November 2.

This made our decision easy. As long as time permits, Kim, Lucas and I will head over to the Airbnb event in Brooklyn tomorrow morning.

airbnb nyc marathon

Here is some info about the Airbnb NYC Marathon Events:

Brooklyn, New York:  Flatbush & 4th Avenue- 9 AM- 1PM (This is where we should be)

From Airbnb:

To start the race day with high energy, we have pulled together some run-worthy music from local favorites Miami Horror, Party Supplies, Brent Tactic, and Farrah Mana.

And to make sure everyone has sustenance to continue through the race day, we’ll be sharing tasty local treats very hour on the hour from Soul Snacks to Papa Bubble and a whole lot more as recommended by our local NYC hosts. (Quantities are limited, but we promise you’ll get some kind of goodies when you stop by!)

Also at our main stage, we have cheer sign stations for you to personalize your support and keep runners inspired with custom signs. Keep an eye out for our Airbnb cheer crews to fill your hands with festive marathon noisemakers, foam fingers, kazoos, paper megaphones, pom poms, and other swag“.

airbnb nyc marathon

  • Queens– Long Island City- 9 AM- 1 PM
  • Harlem– Marcus Garvey Park- 18 Mt Morris Park West- 10:30 AM- 4:30 PM
  • Manhattan– Grand Army Plaza- 10:30 AM- 5:30 PM

Do you plan to follow the New York City Marathon or head to the event to cheer on the runners?

Find out more about Airbnb’s NYC Marathon events here.

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