Man Tweets Way to Freedom

using twitter

Twitter has been an amazing tool for interacting with companies, (virtually) meeting new people, winning various prizes and for doing something as simple as following news stories.

Could you imagine using Twitter to tweet yourself to freedom? Well that just what an American tourist in London did.

The tourist, David Willis from Dallas, Texas got locked inside of a London bookstore. He was at the Trafalgar Square location of Waterstones. He went upstairs to use the Wi-Fi and when he came back down found the staff gone and the store locked up!

After some time, Willis took to Twitter and sent a tweet to @Waterstones that he was locked inside and wanted to get out.

According to Mashable, “Willis had reportedly both triggered an alarm and called the police. But it was only after an employee at Waterstones saw his tweets, that someone came to let him out”.

using twitter

His tweets became quite popular, with his “cry for help” being retweeted 9,000 times. He also “earned the hashtag moniker #waterstonestexan”!

How has Twitter helped you out over the years? I bet it hasn’t helped you as much as it helped David Willis!

Find out more about the story from Mashable here.

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