Best Airbnb Rentals Under $500

best airbnb vacation house

When I think of Airbnb, another option to find budget accommodations when we can’t find a hostel or hotel that feels right comes to mind. In places with limited options it can open up the possibility to loads of places to stay.

But what if you looked at Airbnb in a different way?

An article by Yahoo looks at some of the “more unique and luxurious Airbnb experiences”. For the article they look at rentals fitting this description going for under $500 per night.

best airbnb vacation house
image: airbnb

 Here are the 5 options:

  1. A private island in Fiji– The island covers 10 acres and can accomodate up to 10 people for $500 per night. There are two homes o the island and it comes with lots of extras. Go kayaking, snorkeling and fishing with the provided equipment. If you can rent it with 9 friends or if 5 couples split the cost, it really isn’t bad- you’re looking at $50 per head.
  2. An ancient castle in England– Rooms rent for $157 per night and “bedrooms are equipped with four-poster beds, roll top baths and fireplaces”.
  3. A grounded plane in Teuge, Netherlands– You can get the whole plane for $483 per night. It’s been changed around a bit inside to include a jacuzzi, sauna and technical meeting facility. This one sounds pretty cool for you airplane geeks out there!
  4. Stay on a houseboat under the Eiffel Tower– The location alone doesn’t sound bad for the price, $145 per night. The boat is a small studio with a private deck outside to relax and enjoy the views. Sounds pretty good to me.
  5. A night in a historical train station clock tower in London– Stay in an apartment within an apartment above the international train station built in 1868 for $249 per night. While there, enjoy views of London like St Paul’s Cathedral and Kings Cross Station.

Have you stayed in any interesting accommodations while traveling? The most unique rooms we’ve stayed in were cave rooms in Cappadocia, Turkey and a hostel in Bangkok which was meant to feel like a small Thai village.

Find out more about each of the “Top” Airbnb stays for under $500 here.

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