Uber Driver Allegedly Attacks Passenger with Hammer

Uber- Can Someone Please Explain The Big Deal?For all of you Uber lovers out there, you better think twice the next time you step foot into your car.

After going for a run this morning with Kim, we stopped  by my father-in-law’s house to pick up Lucas. While there I was told of a really crazy and frightening story involving Uber.

An Uber driver allegedly attacked a passenger with a hammer at around 2 AM this past Tuesday.

The incident took place in San Francisco with the passenger involved using Uber X, the service’s lowest cost option.

I was curious to see what the qualifications were needed to be an Uber X driver.

a black car with a blue circle and white text

According to Uber, “In order to drive with Uber, you must have your own car with proper insurance. You also must have a valid driver’s license and pass a DMV and background check.”

So basically anyone that clears a DMV and background check can be an Uber X driver. It would make a bit more sense for all drivers to be required to also possess some sort of commercial drivers licence and take a customer service course. Although there is nothing saying that a person couldn’t do all of these things and still be a reckless and potentially dangerous driver…

The man attacked by the hammer was in the car with another man and women. They were picked up at a bar at 2 AM. They got into a dispute with the driver who forced them to get out of the car at an intersection. This is when the attack occurred.

The victim was hit on the side of the head and then the driver drove off.

According to the SF Gate, “When police arrived, they reportedly found the victim slipping in and out of consciousness on the sidewalk, suffering from severe fractures and trauma to the head. Karajah was later arrested at his home in Pacifica“.

The driver, Patrick Karajah pleaded not guilty on Thursday and was freed on $125,000 bail.

I’m not really much of an Uber user (I used it one time, wondering what the big deal was) so I can’t say this news will really affect me. I would think that some people would  be more reluctant to use Uber (especially Uber X -where the drivers are not a licensed taxi drivers).

Find out more about this disturbing story from the SF Gate here.

For those of you brave enough to use Uber that haven’t tried the service yet, you can sign up using my referral link. You’ll get your first ride for free (up to $30) and I’ll earn a free ride (up to $30).

8 thoughts on “Uber Driver Allegedly Attacks Passenger with Hammer

  1. Pretty smarmy. Write non sensical negative opinions about Uber while promoting your own referal link. Bad for credibility.

    1. Noobie- Thanks for your comments. I am allowed to share my opinions as you are allowed to share yours- in my comments or on you blog. As for the referral link- see above.

    1. Observer- I’ve written other “fairly anti-Uber” stories in the past and always include my link. Like I stated above, if someone is interested in trying out the service, why shouldn’t they get a free $30 ride credit?

  2. Xavier- First, thanks for the kind words about enjoying my blog, I do appreciate it a lot. I agree with your points 100% about that any driver, licensed or not can attack someone. However, with Uber X I feel like it is more ride-sharing, not a career. Yes, any driver can lose it and attack a passenger, we’d all agree with that but I feel that someone that is a licensed driver doing it as their full-time job, they are probably better prepared to deal with whatever situation might occur (arguments etc.) with passengers.

    The “brave enough” comment was not a serious one. Sorry for the confusion.

    Jay- I feel pretty much the same way about Uber X. It does sound more like a ride-share and not a way to hire a professional service.

    Andy- Thanks for the comment. See above for my thoughts on the dangers of any taxi driver. Based on the services you’ve received, it doesn’t sound lik you use Uber X. My warning was more so about (and should’ve been better stated) Uber X and how they are not licensed taxi drivers. I am free to make an opinion just as you are, sorry if it hit a nerve.

    As for including a referral, it may or may have not been out of line. Tough call. However, if someone is interested in trying out Uber why shouldn’t they get a free $30 credit?

  3. Very disturbing and I hope the poor victim is ok, but this potentially could have happened with any driver service. I have been threatened by a NY cabbie more than once, one time after my butt was in the cab for 20 seconds and I got out after he started screaming about my destination being too “trafficky” and then demanded $4 for getting in the cab and kindly offered to stab me. “Licensed” Vegas cab drivers can also be extremely scary. I have had no issues with Uber, sometimes using them 4 times a day, most are courteous, friendly, and offering water, phone chargers and even complimentary snacks. Sadly always one or two bad apples. I like the way you judge a massive operation on one terrible incident and warn people of the service but still try and make a referal commission from it! How much thought do you really give to some of your posts Michael?

  4. UberX is not the same as Uber black and similar options…. Uber black. different countries they have diff names for it, they use mostly limousine companies or drivers that are already driving towncars, so depending on the country, in the US for example they may already be licensed limo drivers. I have never and will never use the UberX option, it is more of a ride sharing service than anything else the way it is set up informally. I use Uber because I want the ease of hiring a towncar/luxury sedan easily and quickly, not because I am looking for a cheap ride.

  5. I really enjoy your blog; but this time I think it doesn’t make sense what you wrote which is: “I would think that some people would be more reluctant to use Uber (especially Uber X -where the drivers are not a licensed taxi drivers)”. So, basically you are saying that a licensed taxi driver CAN’T attack a person, really…..let me tell you something, it doesn’t matter if is a licensed taxi driver or not, ANYBODY can attack anyone, not because the person is a licensed taxi driver means that the passenger is safe, there is always a risk involved.
    And then you say:”For those of you BRAVE enough to use Uber that haven’t tried the service yet, you can sign up using my referral link”. Brave, enough ?…what that suppose to mean ? I always read your blog; but honestly this time you went out of line.

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