1,000 Bonus SkyMiles- Dine at 3 New Restaurants- Targeted

The targeted offers keep coming in…

Delta is offering me 1,000 bonus miles for dining out at 3 new restaurants. This offer is by invitation only for select SkyMiles Dining members. (Don’t I feel special!)

When I saw this offer, my first question was- What is considered a new restaurant?

A new restaurant is one that joined the program from June 1, 2014. Some of the new restaurants were shown in the e-mail offering me the bonus and can also be found at the “new” tab on the search results page.

To earn the bonus, not only do I need to dine at one of these new restaurants, I have to spend a minimum of $40 or more each time by August 15.

While I love bonus offers I won’t be bothering with this one. When I checked out the list of new restaurants participating in SkyMiles Dining, I found it hard to find any that I’d like to try out close by.

Did you receive a bonus offer from SkyMiles Dining? If not (and if you are interested), try to register here to see if you might qualify. Just remember, it does say “by invitation only”!

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