Transfer 20,000 SPG Points To 30,000 AAdvantage- No Thanks

Yesterday Kim, Lucas and I had a very busy (and interesting) day driving through the Midwestern U.S. I hadn’t had a ton of time to do much blog reading or Twitter checking but did come across one very interesting piece of news.

Dan’s Deals tweeted that 20,000 Starpoints transfer to 30,000 AAdvantage miles this month.

This sounded like a very interesting offer since SPG points to AA usually transfer at 20,000 points: 25,000 miles. A 20% bonus is nothing to ignore but I was definitely not interested.

Why you might ask? Who doesn’t love a good bonus!

After receiving my third Citi AA Executive card which comes with a 100,000 mile bonus, I am sitting on a very healthy stash of AAdvantage miles. (I also had plenty from before this great offer.) My SPG Starpoints however aren’t doing as well.

I used up a bunch of my SPG points during our trip (in April) to Malta at the Le Meridien St Julians.

After getting (what I feel was) a very good value using SPG points in Malta and during our trip to Germany, I need to be very strategic as to how I spend my remaining points.

What do you think of this increased transfer offer? Are you planning to go for it or sit this one out?

If you’re interested in transferring your SPG points to AAdvantage miles:

Transfer by 11:59 pm CT on July 31, 2014

6 thoughts on “Transfer 20,000 SPG Points To 30,000 AAdvantage- No Thanks

  1. going either way is highly personal preference, for me no thx bec my aunt is 3 min walk away from Sheraton Taipei when we visited her.

  2. I’m in the same boat, and SPG points are so hard for me to earn, I like to use them as hotel points.

  3. Points with a crew- Exactly!

    Al- Can’t say that I’ve ever done the nights & flights promo (which does sound like a very nice deal)

    DJ- Decisions made should always be personal and what is best for you and your family’s travel needs.

    Scott- I hear that and do agree. If I wasn’t constantly working on minimum spends I’d be trying to use my SPG cards as much as possible.

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